2019: An Opportunity to Right the Wrongs in Oyo State – Part 2

Have we taken off from the starting line or we are still struggling with locating our lane when many States are almost reaching their Promised Land? Now is the time to leave politics aside and address issues of great consequences that have held down our progress for many years. Quite fortunately, through the benevolence of democracy, we have a great opportunity to right the wrongs of the past by casting our votes wisely in the forthcoming elections in Oyo State and in Nigeria at large.

In 2019, Oyo State electorates will take a significant step to right the wrongs by voting for good candidate base on personality not party to fulfill the mandate of the masses. While those leaders and the present failed government; who have let us down on good governance and leadership will be voted out by using our PVCs as a weapon.

– By Okediji Simon  

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