2019: An Opportunity to Right the Wrongs in Oyo State – Part 7

The reason for these terrible realities cannot be distanced from poor leadership which is composed of people who are grossly insensitive to the plight of the electorate. It is unfortunate that most of the ex-leaders and the current crop of leaders in the present administration do not have the good interest of the good people of Oyo State at heart. Our pristine pool of elitism and intellectualism have been peed into by selfish politicians; thereby perpetuating the majority of the people in the abyss of hopelessness.

According to the latest Federal Fiscal Responsibility Commission report, Oyo State is one of the five States with highest debt to revenue ratio in the Country. The State has been plunged into massive debt that would take many future administrations to repay. The blatant misplacement of priority of this current administration is totally disheartening.

– By Okediji Simon

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