2019: An Opportunity to Right the Wrongs in Oyo State – Part 9

Hence, our challenges are enormous. Demagogues have failed us with their empty rhetorics. We are situated very close to the stream, yet we are thirsty as a result of the shylock policies of our leaders. In the face of these great worries and anxieties, we might be tempted to give up and allow the recurrent leadership failure to puncture our faith in the possibilities of this great State.

Moreover, good people of our noble State, it is time for action; neither must we faint nor wary. Let us rise up with a great willingness and greater courage in our number without giving up and take our destiny in our own hands. This is the exact moment to move into the future, leaving our horrible past behind us and make Oyo State what it ought to be.

– By Okediji Simon

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