Any serious administration should not feel comfortable leaving the health sector in a lurch as it is presently. It is common knowledge that the role of government is to steer the overall health development by designing policies and programmes, securing essential public health functions and regulating the delivery of health services.

This government has no clear health policies geared toward the lowly citizenry which is complicated by the dilapidated hospitals facilities and unmotivated staff that require urgent interventions. Adequate financing must go to health sector under a well coordinated efficient policy that also prevents neo-natal mortality (deaths of an infant within the first 27 days of life), post neonatal mortality (deaths of an infant between 28 and 364 days), and child mortality (the number of infants dying before reaching five years of age, per 1,000 live births).

In addition, government must stop the exodus of health professionals and deploy necessary and effective health intervention to the rural communities. With a meagre allocation of less than 5% each for education, health and agriculture, the current administration has shown a morbid distaste for factors that can bring about a better health condition to the poor citizens while more attention is given to contacts induced infrastructural projects. Over N15bn representing about 60% of this year’s budget was allocated to the office of the governor alone while agriculture which should be used to provide a buffer for the able bodied, while unemployed youths was glossed over.

– Engr Seyi Makinde

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