Governance, especially in our own society where there is little or no social security must have a human face. Very soon, over 13,000 current serving primary school teachers will join pensioner’s cadre to further compound the problem. The gory tales of secondary school teachers and indeed other sectors are equally bewildering.

Quite seriously, government must tackle the issue of education more seriously even at its twilight of its exit. Building a few model schools does not placate the obvious failure of this administration in nipping the uncontrolled free fall in the sector both in terms of infrastructural decline, inadequate staffing and learning materials. The strategic visions and

Development priorities of Oyo State cannot be achieved without functional toilets in most schools; children and their teachers are forced to answer the call of nature at improper places.

The focus must now be on renewed commitment to education beyond without dressing through adequate funding, ensuring access to quality education and environment, guaranteeing the participation of students belonging to disadvantaged groups in education, adequate motivation of teachers and other notable policies that will reverse the trend and lure parents to prefer public, cheaper institutions as it was in the golden past.

– Engr Seyi Makinde

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