“Whoever opens a school door opens an opportunity. Any government that does not aspire to attain the UNESCO’s approximately 20% budget on education is not deem fit to be in power”

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  1. The development of each state is the education of its youth. No nation or state will witness any meaningful development without heavy investment in education. That is why any reasonable government should invest massively in educating its teeming youths.

    The STEM which is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths should be given adequate attention.

    We can achieve a lot together. With God all things are possible. Oyo State will regain its lost glory.

  2. Why People Should Vote For Seyi Makinde

    It was heartwarming and in the overriding interest of the masses when the News that Engr. Seyi Makinde is the Gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Oyo State broke .

    People of Oyo State are now hopeful that, their collective interest as against only personal interests would be improved based on his people-oriented legacies set in place for many years.

    Makinde will do so well in the area of education and he will succeed where the predecessors including the incumbent failed if he emerges as the next Governor of Oyo State. Take a cursory look at our education sector, present and past governments have failed to realise the importance of education and Makinde, having studied critically the pitfalls of the past and present leaders in this area, another working template will be designed to ensure quality education for the citizens particularly, the less privilege accessibility to education in the state.
    In the agricultural sector, Makinde will provide so many incentives for farmers and take it to the next level through value-chain among other critical areas he will touch as the Governor of Oyo State.

    It is believed that his cabinet will be full of professionals and people who have elevated to the top of their chosen fields based on merit.

    It is now very significant that the people of the state deliver their quantum of votes en-masse to him whom the common men on the street would be favoured.
    During the present and previous governments, our leaders have made unrealistic pledges, including paying the backlog of salaries to civil servants, investment in the unemployed as well as creating millions of jobs to the vulnerable .A few number of people who expected miracles from them have been let down and that is why a vote for Makinde is vote for good governance in the state.

    The aforesaid cannot just come overnight and the good people of Oyo State who desire purposeful leadership are enjoyed to cast their inestimable votes irrespective of age, status, and religious beliefs; wherever they register, they should ensure that they vote for Engr Seyi Makinde, the Governorship Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Oyo State and protect their votes .
    I am not a politician or member of the Peoples Democratic Party but a concerned indigenous citizen of the State who wants the best for our people.

    Wherever you are, be your brother’s keeper. Keep your eyes on the ball which is Engr Oluseyi Makinde, who is ready to take Oyo State to the next level.

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