“Businesses will struggle to thrive in an environment that experiences shortage of power supply. It has been proven that renewable energy is absolutely essential to real GDP growth. This is the future if we are to drive the economic growth in Oyo state.

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2 thoughts on “SEYI MAKINDE – ON ENERGY

  1. Most of advanced economies have embraced renewable energy as an alternative source of energy. If we can tap into this opportunity, it will not only boost economy but also provide massive and gainful employment for the youths.

  2. Very well said sir. I’m sure most Nigerians(OYO STATE) will think the only efficient source of electric power supply is hydroelectric which is very wrong and also the dependency of the nation herself on solely this source of supply as the main source. I think the only way to serve Nigerians(OYO STATE) a stable power supply is to make use of other sources of power supply which include:
    1. Natural gas
    2. Hydro
    3. Solar
    4. Nuclear
    5. Wind
    6. Goethermal
    7. Biomass and others
    I am very much convinced there is no way all these will be implemented and there will still be a shortage of power supply. Also I’m sure these things, our initiative will bring to plan and fulfillment for the people of Oyo state through our MAN, Engr. SEYI MAKINDE.

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